New Videos from JMC50 in Quarantine!

Welcome to our FOURTH installment of our “Music from Quarantine” series!   We actually played live last Labor Day – 4 gigs in 4 days in St. Louis – but since things are not yet back to normal, and we need to stay in “shape”, we put together another special JMC50 cover tune video!

This latest video is “Midnight Confessions” as performed by The Grass Roots and released in 1968.  Probably biased, but that was great year for music!  This song was a huge hit for them and has always been a crowd favorite for us.

Our THIRD effort, still posted below, is “In the Midnight Hour”.  It’s an arrangement by the The Commitments, taken from the 1991 movie by the same name.  We really like the horns and the background vocals in this version. Of course, nothing against the great Wilson Pickett original, as we’ve played that arrangement years!

Below that is our SECOND effort, “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”, originally recorded by the great Jimmy Ruffin in 1967.  We chose an arrangement by Joan Osborne as backed up by Motown’s Funk Brothers.  The more we play it, the more we love it.  Check it out below.

Of course we are still leaving our FIRST quarantine video, “Tell Mama” up as well.   It was our first effort at this process, and we’re still pretty proud of it!

While this is fun, we are so looking forward to playing more live gigs!